What is Roll-Cutting?

In the video above, I cut a carrot in the roll-cutting style. Roll-cutting is easiest to demonstrate on a carrot, as it rolls easily. You can also cut larger items like potatoes and tomatoes into oblique cuts. Just quarter them first to get easier pieces to work with. Then just cut at oblique angles, either by rolling the pieces or by angling the knife. They call this an oblique cut because of the "oblique" angles on the finished product. I first learned to roll-cut when I worked in a Chinese kitchen. It was tricky to get the hang of at first, but I picked it up after a few tries. So peel a few carrots and get to practicing.


Roll-cutting is one of my favorite ways to cut carrots for stews and braises. It just looks so cool. For an example of what I'm talking about read Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine and Onions.

Roll-Cutting Tools

  • Vegetable Peeler - These are also often called by the name of the vegetable they most often peel, like potato peeler or carrot peeler.
  • Chef's Knife - Keep the tip of the knife on the cutting board as you roll and cut the vegetable. Also keep your thumb or fingers out from underneath the blade.
  • Cutting Board - A nice easy-to-clean plastic cutting board or a hard maple cutting board is best.