how to roast meat

What is Roasting?

Roasting has a wide variety of applications and variations. The meat is placed uncovered in an oven with various spices and other ingredients, and it is cooked either slowly or quickly depending on what works best for that particular cut of meat. Occasionally a piece of meat is brined or marinated before it is roasted to help make it even more tender. Sometimes meat is cooked with other fatty pieces of meat to keep it from drying out. Poultry breasts occasionally have bacon draped over them to keep them moist. This is a technique called barding. Roasting is a very popular way to cook meat, and I have many articles that deal more directly with it. Oh, and one last thing about roasting: pot roast isn't a real roast, as the meat inside the covered pot is much more braised than roasted. So you will find any pot roast recipes in the braising section.

Tools for Roasting

  • Roasting pan – use a heavy pan with a non-stick rack in it.
  • Butcher's twine – essential for trussing meat for proper roasting
  • Poultry lifters – easiest way to get poultry out of a roasting pan. Lift don't stab.
  • Oven thermometer – best to double check the internal temp of your oven.
  • Digital thermometer – easiest way to make sure the roast is up to temperature.