how to pan fry meat

What is Pan-Frying?

Pan-frying is cooking meat partially submerged in fat. In pan-frying the meat comes into contact with the pan surface, creating more caramelization and potent flavor. Usually there is only a thin layer of fat or oil in the pan. But, sometimes the meat is pan-fried partially submerged in oil. It might even be half-way submerged in oil. In these situations the meat is often breaded with flour, egg, and bread crumbs. This is also called pan-frying. So as you can see pan-frying is a broad subject. And below we have some recipes that use pan-frying as their main method of cooking.

Tools for Pan-Frying

  • Frying pan – All-Clad pans work really well for pan-frying.
  • Non-stick pan – if you prefer non-stick
  • Cast-Iron skillet – quite possibly the best way to pan-fry.
  • Spatula – make sure to use a high-temp plastic one with the non-stick pan.
  • Spring-loaded tongs – always handy.