Welcome to the How to Cook Meat | Blog!


Hi everyone.┬áThe blog is where I will be writing about things that don’t quite fit into the rest of the site.

Like for example:

– Recipes for things that have no business what-so-ever being on a website about meat: recipes for vegetable side-dishes, baked goods, preserves, infusions and what-not. This is also where I will be posting any of my kitchen experiments, whether successful or not..

– I will post about my favorite cookbooks, food writers, and food-related books. Maybe chef’s too.

– If I go to a restaurant and have a good experience. You will read about it here. Any bad reviews are unlikely to be found here. I prefer to tell people their mistakes in person.

– If I go on a tour of a farm, factory, grocery, supplier, or kitchen. I will write about it here. Video too no doubt.

– Every once in a while some meat-related news will be discussed here. I will also keep you up-to-date on the goings-on of the site. Like what articles I am working on, things I am planning to cook and anything else that I am planning to do.

Well that’s probably enough for now. Thanks for reading!


nils reading a cookbook

Me looking studious


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