Keeping Frozen Meat Looking and Tasting Fresh

Every once in a while my butcher-shop where I work will put ribeyes on sale for the weekend. The sale price is several dollars off the normal price per pound. It’s a pretty good deal and we usually all end up buying some. The only catch is you have to by 3 pounds or more. Which, the way we cut them, is about 3 ribeyes! When I get mine I eat one right away and put the other two into the freezer for a couple weeks until I feel the craving again. Which normally does not take very long. But sometimes it will be a month before I get around to eating the last one. The one in the photo above was purchased about 3 weeks ago, and it still looks great! I haven’t waited longer than a month to eat these frozen ribeyes, but I’m positive that they would hold up for more than a couples months if you do it right. Below are a few tips and tricks for keeping meat fresh in the freezer that you should find useful.

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Roasted Carrot and Squash with Bacon | Side Dishes

carrots and squash roasted with bacon

To be fair I have always believed in my heart of hearts that roasted vegetables are amazing. I love them almost as much as I love meat. But when I minced a bit of bacon and dropped it on the roasting pan with the carrots and squash I created something which was admittedly far superior. Perhaps you are saying duh to yourself right now. Or perhaps you are screaming it at your computer screen. Continue reading

Roasted Carrot Salad with Chinese Vinaigrette | Side Dishes

roasted carrot salad with asian vinaigrette

I dream’t this recipe up one day while staring into the drawers at the bottom of my fridge looking for a side-dish to go with my broiled steaks. As I stared at the questionable contents of those all-to-often-forgotten-about compartments, I happened to glance just to my left at the bottom rung of my condiments shelf. This bottom shelf is completely stocked with soy sauces, rice vinegar, sesame oil, hot sauces and various other “Asian” sundries. A bottle of Chinkiang black rice vinegar caught my eye and I remembered how much I enjoy that pungent flavor. Directly behind it was some sesame oil and the rest came together like a jello mold.   Continue reading

Butternut Squash Soup | Side Dishes

Butter Nut Squash soup recipe

Butternut squash soup is a very simple thing to make. Having an immersion blender on hand makes it even easier. Basically all you have to do is cook some squash and then puree it with some liquid. Chicken stock is quite nice but water works just as well. I added some coconut oil. The flavor of coconut really came through nicely. And it’s a bit better for you than butter, which is also good in this soup. Some people add cream or yogurt to smooth out the flavors. But that is up to you.  Continue reading

Waldorf Salad Recipe | Side Dishes


waldorf salad recipeThis recipe for Waldorf salad is something I came up with while cooking dinner at my Grandma Barb’s house. I love cooking at Grandma’s house, she has a really nice gas range, convection oven, garden, fresh herbs, and lots of cookies in the pantry. As you can imagine with a nice oven like hers, I often roast meat when I cook at her house. Continue reading

Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Side Dishes

mashed sweet potatoes

A lot of people make the mistake of adding too many things to their mashed sweet potatoes. I like to keep them simple by adding just one or two strong flavors like: Cumin, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamin, or other common curry spices. My personal favorite recipe is Butter, Salt, and Ground Cumin. But I made a really good recipe o’er Christmas by adding a bit of Garam Masala Curry in place of the cumin. The recipe is simple. Continue reading

Curried Winter Squash | Side Dishes

curried winter squash

Squash, especially Winter squashes, are really great with curry. I added carrot slices but you can also add some potato cubes to this dish. Also, if you like your curry to be saucier, add more liquid. Some sort of meat could certainly be added to this recipe as well. I am a big fan of squash so I like it by itself. I always eat more squash than I should whenever I make it.

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