Waldorf Salad Recipe | Side Dishes


waldorf salad recipeThis recipe for Waldorf salad is something I came up with while cooking dinner at my Grandma Barb’s house. I love cooking at Grandma’s house, she has a really nice gas range, convection oven, garden, fresh herbs, and lots of cookies in the pantry. As you can imagine with a nice oven like hers, I often roast meat when I cook at her house. Continue reading

Cranberry Sauce | Side Dishes

cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is a lot simpler to make than most people think. Perhaps not as simple as opening a can. But with homemade cranberry sauce comes the potential for a more interesting flavor profile. Which in-itself can be accomplished with the addition of one or two common ingredients. In this case: grapefruit peel. Or for the less adventurous, or more-traditional, orange zest. Either will do nicely.  Continue reading

Apple Butter | Side Dishes

Apple butter started out as a way to preserve fruit. The concentrated sugars in the apple butter give it a much longer shelf-life than that of raw apples. It’s basically applesauce that has been cooked down and caramelized until it’s smooth, dark and buttery (it doesn’t have any actual dairy butter in it). Sometimes it’s cooked with spices and sometimes it’s left plain. Since it’s traditionally made in Fall after apple harvest, I, like many Americans, associate it with the Holidays. So to me it makes sense to cook it with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice.

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Lingonberry Jam | Side Dishes

Lingonberry sauce with Swedish meatballs.

Lingonberry jam is a type of sauce or preserve made with the small, red, round fruit of a type of low-lying shrub that grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) is known as cowberry in English speaking countries. The lingonberry, being a member of the same Genus as a cranberry, is quite similar to them. They are even often referred to as low-bush cranberries. They do grow quite close to the ground, much like another member of the Vaccinium genus, blueberries. Unlike blueberry however, lingonberry is rarely cultivated and instead picked from the wild. Which can make them quite expensive.

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